Yeah Dr. Watts!

RideBMX Coverage of Ricardo Laguna’s Pro BMX Dirt Jump Contest

Final Results:
1. Rob Dardon 90.83
2. Ryan Nyquist 90.66
3. Antony Napolitan 90.16
4. Pat Laughlin 90.16
5. Ricardo Laguna 89.83
6. Luke Parslow 89.33
7. Ricky Mosley 89.16
8. Mike Payne 84.66
9. Greg Watts 81.05
10. Josh Hult 75.6
11. Mark Rubio 66.05
12. Michael “Hucker” Clark 63.05

9th place ain’t bad for a Mountain Biker going to BMX territory against all the heavy hitters.

I remember last year Mccaul got 4th or 6th but Ride BMX refused to show any photos of him. At least they put Watts’ name in the results.

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  1. Chris Duncan Clothing says:
    April 9, 2009 at 2:11 am

    THIS IS MY NEWEST piece of art.FAGGOTS

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