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Andreu Lacondeguy, it has been confirmed you are the man…


This is exactly how MTB needs to be pushed, and also the reason why MTB fell behind. Big jumps are scary except for very few people and that is why MTB progressed so fast, and then fell behind for so long. Now, with events like the Rampage, riders like Cam Zink, the McCauls, Andreu, etc,  hitting large jumps MTB is getting the kick in the pants it needs.


Little Andy Lacondeguy


Sensus Team rider Andreu Lacondeguy will eat your children.

We Are Family – The Freestyle Movie (Part 3) from We Are Family – A Freestyle Movi on Vimeo.


This Video is Going to be Ridiculous


Sensus team rider Little Andy going gargantuan in the teaser for We Are Family.