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Red Bull Rampage on E:60 Yesterday.


Last night was the Risk episode of E:60, which airs weekly on ESPN. The Sensus Team was featured heavily on in this episode, especially CAM ZINK. It is amazing to see the production quality of ESPN for interviews that only took place just over 2 weeks ago.

They will not let this be embedded, but here is the link:



I Made TheChive Today… Life is Complete


Strait just notified me that I made today with this Rampage shot. “Keep Calm and Chive On!”


ESPN Top 10 Plays- Mountain Biking gets some respect…


This was from a couple weeks ago, but I finally got a descent recording of it from my Uncle. Finally they don’t put us on TV looking like kooks that only roll down the mountain on our skulls. Stoked.


I can do Seatgrabs again.. Kinda


It is not the best one that I have done but I am deffinatly stoked to get a shot like this from Rampage. Its been like 6 years since I have done this trick. Sweet  Have a nice week my friends.




Heading out to Utah in a day or two and this is gonna be one for the ages! The word on the course is the top is classic Rampage, big mountain, build-it-yourself lines. The bottom is a 70-foot-canyon-gap-with-a-9-foot-lip-on-it type of ish!
Git ready for the drama!

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