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100,000 views in 3 days… Might as well re-post!


I’m amped to see the response this video has gotten, but mostly the people I hear saying it makes them want to get out and ride!
Strait and I had a blast with the crew and it was the first time we had met them, but we made it happen in 3 days with the help of T Sage at Sagerian Media coming in to help the New York production company film Mountain Bikes for the first time. Stoked on life.


Kyle Strait take home 3rd place in Crankworx Slalom


Congratulations to Kyle “The Natural”, “Kayodic”, “Strait Train”, “Tuna Boat”, “Meat Paws”, “Cheeto Hands” Strait.

Once again showing that he is one of the best all around riders in the world.

Photo Credit: Ian Highlands,


Claymore Challenge Highlights


Lucent productions put together a pretty solid video even thought there wasn’t even a full day of riding at Claymore this year. Rain all week and a two run, no qualifying, format in muddy conditions made it tough but there are still some good clips… Especially of STRAIT! Sensus team manager back on the box in slopestyle for the first time since 2006!


Big Dawg Strait testin the only brakes that will stop him…


If you dont know, Avid brakes are the only Brakes that can stop the STRAIT-TRAIN.

2012 Avid Elixir 9 Test Ride with Strait & Keene… – More Mountain Bike Videos


Guest Post- Griz on Garrick Anderson


At one point in time, Garrick “Gayrick” Anderson had potential to be a paid professional gravity racer. In 2003, Gayrick was a member of the US junior Worlds team, where he finished 14th at Worlds that year and was a repeat member in 2004 – earning his spot on the team in ’04 by smoking Kyle Strait at the NORBA in Aspen, CO by over 10 seconds.

The former LBR member and three-time Battle Bus Tour renegade discovered vagina in late 2005… although this was a major accomplishment for Big Baby G at the time, it would soon turn on him. 2006 was a year to forget for Gayrick; a year lost to the labors of a full-time construction job, vagina that constantly needed tuned-up and the occasional flight to a bike race where he’d place top-20 or better only to fly home immediately afterward to get back to the grind. A mid-season injury put Gayrick in a downward spiral in to becoming a full-tilt-soft-cock.

By 2007, Gayrick needed to find a new vagina. But his vagina left him first, leaving him with an achey-breaky-heart. It’s been over a year since we’ve seen Gayrick, but a random showing at Fontana this past weekend proved to us that he’s still alive, on the rebound and planning for a 2012 comeback. Here’s what he had to say: “My dad keeps telling me that the world is supposed to end in 2012, so fuck it, I’m going racing.”



Listen up


So the post about bike tweaks has really ruffled some peoples bar turning, bike leaning feathers. First off let me get this straight, if your name is Ryan Howard, Alex Reveles, or Kyle Strait, feel free to go on and be stylish. If you name starts with gold and ends with man, stick to doing airwalks and grinding your face off the ground. I know I made a rash generalization of something that was born to wow crowds, I’m sorry people I was hopped up on Budweiser. Hold it right there, I still think that this shit is offering a beer to the horse you just kicked to death, and by that I mean it sucks cause the horse cant enjoy the beer cause you kicked him to death. By this I mean, this shit used to be somewhere on the level of Coors Light cool(I’ll drink it if its there) to me but now its chillin with B&J Wine Coolers, and bottles of UV Naturally Flavored Vodka(I’ll drink it if I’m blacked out and tryin to score with the fattest chick on Junior Varsity color guard). I’ve had enough of this madness, someone please make it stop. No one wants to see grown men struggling to look stylish, stick to the foam pit and the checks will keep coming.
Kids, just because I think unturndowns are dumb is the perfect reason for you to never do them. Have some creativity, learn something cool instead of breaking my heart, I only have one, good thing its stone. Fair and Balanced up in this bitch.

P.s. Unlike litter mag, I’m not April Foolsin you, DFS.


Strait web edit


I’m on a damn roll these days with these web edits.

Kyle Strait pre season 2009 from Taylor Sage on Vimeo.


Straits child




2008 is now all of our bitches


Happy New Year
Harookz working his magic behind the lense


Kyle Strait on Drums


Kyle Strait has been such a success on Rock Band that Cadbury decided to pick him up for a Commercial.


Sage and Straits big adventure part 1


A few weeks back Strait and I went on an undercover assignment to become frat boys for the weekend. After multiple kegstands and flexing we woke up on monday morning not knowing exactly what happened for 3 days. Good thing i had my camera.
This guy was getting some on the couch
Keg bench, frat mode engaged
Lions and tigers and make outs bandits oh my
Double western, 40oz, and sunglasses inside. Birthday party if I’ve ever been to one.
Pretty self exlpanatory
The bash brothers
this looks like a good place to crash… at 7 pm