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The Man, Johnny O’Mara… and james stewart


This video is classic. O’Mara’s 125 voice about three quarters of the way through is hilarious.


This Doesn’t Look Staged at All…


The first season of Bubba’s World was one of the worst productions ever put on TV. Bar none. More fake and horribly staged drama than The Hills, Bad Girls Club and Jersey Shore combined.
So it looks like they upped the production quality for this season, but you gotta be kidding me; “you’re not number 1 anymore so Im gonna take off your plate in front of the camera.”


The New Stewart


Here is a random video of crap, but there is some good to it. Malcom Stewart, obviously James’ little brother absolutely ripping. His whips and style looks juuuuussst a tiny bit like big bro….


Anaheim 2


Josh Grant was leading the 450cc points going into A2, so he decided to have a big fat grizzly in the starting gate. He was already who I wanted to win, but after seeing this he quickly became my new favorite rider!
Anaheim 2 was one of the best Supercross races I have ever seen. Lites and Big Bikes. So much battling it was ridiculous…
Reed came through the pack from damn near last up to second, running almost two seconds faster a lap than Stewart, who took the race.
Dungey took the Lites; J-Law disappointed with a 4th…