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Brendan Howey on Vancouver Island


Sensus Team rider, Brendan Howey, builds and rides some fresh lines while Larocque documents, making you want to ride.


The Claw Riding Sensus


The Claw’s holding on to something good now.


Andreu Lacondeguy is so amped on his DH bike. “sooo fast, best bike evah!” hahaha


Semenuk Takes Claymore Challenge on his Maiden Ride of the New Red Swayze Grips!


Continuing his domination Brandon Semenuk took the Claymore Challenge on his final run over fellow Sensus rider Cameron Mccaul. The two claimed the 1 and 2 spots over 3rd place by a whopping 17 points!
The Swayze’s come with flanges, the delicate genius just likes to chop his. If you want to place an order, just purchase a pair of black or white in the store and leave a note for red until we officially release them,


NEW CONTEST just in time for Spring Break. IT’S WAR BITCHES


The winner of this contest will win a fuckin sweet set up eh.

  • 1 set of Deity Handlebars
  • 1 Deity stem

and of course

  • 1 pair of Sensus grips.


The contest will be a photo contest for the best of use of the SENSUS in a stencil or extra points for SENSUS related “war paint” (ie. drawing on a friend while passed out). All past contest winners are eligible.

If you pull something like printing out the logo (i.e. Anthill’s follow me contest) you are officially disqualified on the grounds that you are a square, instead you should spray paint it on your drunk unsuspecting friend.

Great photos would include kicking a child molester in nuts then slapping a SENSUS sticker on his face. Painting SENSUS on your dumb uncle Leroy at a family reunion. etc.

All photos need to be submitted through a photobucket.comaccount that was setup. Photos will be posted on the SENSUS randomly. The photobucket login is below. Good luck hosers.

Go vandalize friendships.

Go to for entries
Be sure to put your name and email in the title of the photo
LOGIN:  thesensus

PASSWORD:  sensus