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Fiend has the best Street team in BMX…


Mind blowing. However, you have to watch this on Vimeo, and the quality is crappy. If anyone does not know, Fiend is Garrett Reynold’s new company.>CLICK HERE TO WATCH MADNESS


Dear Garrett Reynolds,


How the fuck does he do it? I just don’t get it. I you have been living under a rock for the last 2 years then you might not know who Garrett Reynolds is, he is basically the best street rider in history, and he can do 900′s on quarters, 720′s to fakie, flair, ride dirt and barspin anything. For everyone who does here is his part from the Nike video. It came out in Novemebr but it is still the best part in the last year.

Too many barspins, too many tailwhips, but still damn good.

YouTube Preview Image


BMX Bangers


Here is a video from VitalBMX, at some contest where some foos were going nuts. Garrett “the barspin” Reynolds does some sweet maneuvers. Including a 720 barspin to fakie.