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ESPN Top 10 Plays- Mountain Biking gets some respect…


This was from a couple weeks ago, but I finally got a descent recording of it from my Uncle. Finally they don’t put us on TV looking like kooks that only roll down the mountain on our skulls. Stoked.


Vital Bike Check


I did this bike check with Spomer from VitalMtb the other day and Im pretty stoked how it turned out. Especially the gaper wheelie shot at the end.

Cam Zink’s Prototype Corsair Dominion – More Mountain Bike Videos


Mitsubishi Ralliart/ NWD 10 filming


Mitsubishi was nice enough to let me rip this car around for a couple months. I ended up crashing it. I miss that car….

Lancer Ralliart- NWD 10- Cam Zink from Cameron Zink on Vimeo.


Spinning Drops; Its what I do.


Im just starting to get back into the less chill part of riding since the last surgery 6 months ago. This keeps me motivated…

Cam Zink 360 Drop – Watch more Videos at Vodpod.