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Semenuk Takes Claymore Challenge on his Maiden Ride of the New Red Swayze Grips!


Continuing his domination Brandon Semenuk took the Claymore Challenge on his final run over fellow Sensus rider Cameron Mccaul. The two claimed the 1 and 2 spots over 3rd place by a whopping 17 points!
The Swayze’s come with flanges, the delicate genius just likes to chop his. If you want to place an order, just purchase a pair of black or white in the store and leave a note for red until we officially release them,


Salmon Hook


Brandon Semenuk’s signature “Salmon Hook” lock on grip will be available pretty soon. Bug your shops to start ordering from Dirtec Distribution.


Brandon Semenuk and Ryan Howard


Both rocking Sensus grips, these two murder the jumps in NWD10. R-Dogg looks like jesus…