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Red Bull Stomping Grounds Teaser…


Just like almost everything else that Red Bull does, this will be dope.


Area man rides street edit.


A pretty good edit from some unknown dude named Matt Samsky.

Moon Unit Edit #1, Matt Samsky from Chris Bird on Vimeo.


Dear Garrett Reynolds,


How the fuck does he do it? I just don’t get it. I you have been living under a rock for the last 2 years then you might not know who Garrett Reynolds is, he is basically the best street rider in history, and he can do 900′s on quarters, 720′s to fakie, flair, ride dirt and barspin anything. For everyone who does here is his part from the Nike video. It came out in Novemebr but it is still the best part in the last year.

Too many barspins, too many tailwhips, but still damn good.

YouTube Preview Image


Yeah Dr. Watts!


RideBMX Coverage of Ricardo Laguna’s Pro BMX Dirt Jump Contest

Final Results:
1. Rob Dardon 90.83
2. Ryan Nyquist 90.66
3. Antony Napolitan 90.16
4. Pat Laughlin 90.16
5. Ricardo Laguna 89.83
6. Luke Parslow 89.33
7. Ricky Mosley 89.16
8. Mike Payne 84.66
9. Greg Watts 81.05
10. Josh Hult 75.6
11. Mark Rubio 66.05
12. Michael “Hucker” Clark 63.05

9th place ain’t bad for a Mountain Biker going to BMX territory against all the heavy hitters.

I remember last year Mccaul got 4th or 6th but Ride BMX refused to show any photos of him. At least they put Watts’ name in the results.


Steven Hamilton I miss you


After I watched these parts when I was younger, I based my life off of them. Apparently Steven Hamilton had a bad acid trip, or so I’ve heard, and it sent him off the deep end, as seen below. I searched youtube once a month for like 3 years looking for more parts, only to now see that he’s out of his mind. Bummer.


Steven Hamilton has finally lost it,


This vid came from the RIDE BMX site and is a little bit different. Steven Hamilton used to be on of the most skilled and creative riders out there and I guess you could still say he is, jsut watch.

YouTube Preview Image


For those of you’s who don’t know who Mark Webb is,


Put your face next to my fist so I can punch it.

Remember this:  A power nap is sleeping on someone weaker than you.  I stole that joke.

YouTube Preview Image


BMX Bangers


Here is a video from VitalBMX, at some contest where some foos were going nuts. Garrett “the barspin” Reynolds does some sweet maneuvers. Including a 720 barspin to fakie.