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I love this guy, but you can tell how bored he gets from time to time. Steel Panther bitch!


Shaky Face Wednesday


Aaron Chase is getting old and his face is falling off.


Chase & Kevin Porter


If you have ever heard of the comeup, then you already know that this Adam guy who runs it is a pissed off little school girl wearing his girl pants while he is whining about all these”goofballs with Rock Shox.”
When they ragged on this video I figured he must have his reasons and everyone is entitled to their opinion… But after watching it I realized all he did was talk shit on “Some Mountain Biker” while he was half-cabbing over the mini box. Chase is threw down some good shit in this video so I knew that Adam was just crying because he cant find his Talking Back Sunday CD for the drive to the mall. It seems like Kevin Porter doesn’t mind the “fake party scene” and all the other pro bmxers in these videos were having a good time; why the fuck does this guy care so much?
Check out the other videos, too. Especially Hauk’s.