Mullville slays this songs gay

sorry for using such a derogatory term as gay, but my vocabulary has been condensed into a much smaller area of my brain since high school. With that being said, this song is really gay. This band, I’m not sure if they are to blame for every whiney electro pop anthem I hear these days, but I feel they have some influence. Well they suck and I have never been left so confused after a web edit. Usually I have that feeling of “this fuckin blows” or “its alright… i guess”, but this video left me thinking, do i wanna shred, or wear a v-neck, drink mocha fraps (soy milk please I’m lactose), and do bike ballet. Either way Mark Mullville kills it so do yourself a favor, turn the volume down and put on some wu tang or something.

Untitled from Bobby Valentine on Vimeo.

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