“It’s hard being awesome.”

This my friends is HVille Bill, if you don’t know what H-ville is let me clarify. Hanksville is a town of about 25 rednecks and natives coexisting to create a freckle on America’s ass. This freckle is where your favorite mountain bike movies have set up base camp to get that epic gnar. Back to my boy bill, Bill lives in a trailer behind the Hanksville Inn. He’s got a soft spot in his heart for busch beer and brodies, you could say he’s a man’s man. When Bill needs another beer, he says fuck walking and ATV’s to the cooler. what makes this move sick is that its about a 15 foot walk to the cooler, unless falling off due to intoxication, he never dismounts. So today i send a big shout out to my boy Bill, I hope the Busch is cold and the brodies are hot.

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  1. Chris Duncan Clothing ((((-Joy of life-)))) says:
    February 27, 2009 at 2:01 am

    It’s even harder to be Gay!
    GAY Rights
    Chris Duncan Clothing is accepting applications from all Homosexual Bmxers.
    The hatemongers must leave the sport.
    CDC is adopting the initiative to end the gay bmx discrimination.
    Submit apps by emailing them to: mrchrisduncan@gmail.com
    Join us to end the Discrimination.

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