Instagram is the new Twitter?

Here is a paragraph from an article on about Instagram. I personally think Twitter will eventually die out along with facebook like myspace did and be replaced by something the kids are more pumped on. Instagram is not that “thing” but it most definitely shows what else there is. I can’t honestly say I enjoy any of them and I don’t know if I would be a part of the trend if I wasn’t “supposed” to be on there and promote myself and sponsors.
I will continue to waste my time on meaningful things like…

“Of course, the top irony being that I don’t believe Instagram is a Twitter-killer – it’s just different. Sometimes you wanna go to a name-dropping party in the Hills where everybody is self-promoting, talking at once, and not really listening to each other. And sometimes you want to go to a quiet and tasteful art gallery. For years, we’ve been sucked into the noisy club scene of Twitter and honestly, who isn’t getting sick of each and every person they follow by now? If Twitter has shown us anything, it’s that we’re all a lot more boring and obnoxious than expected, and maybe inner thoughts aren’t always meant to be externalized.”

Here is the whole article

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