One of the greatest MC’s of all time Guru (Keith Elam, July 17, 1966 – April 19, 2010), has died at the age of 43. After a long battle with cancer the legendary artist could no longer fight the disease, and exhausted all treatment options.

 Guru brought a different perspective to the rap industry and was always a positive influence among a group of artists who were mostly concerned with status and other unimportant aspects of life. The King of monotone.

I remember in Expendable Youth” Dave Mirra used Gang Starr’s “Moment of truth in his part. At the time this was one of the greatest parts ever and a big part of that was the Gang Starr song. My dad would even let us listen to Gang Starr on road trips once in a while (very seldom). 

Gang Starr and Guru has been a big influence in skateboarding, BMX, mountain bikes, and other actions sports for nearly 20 years.

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