Aaron Gwin could possibly be the savior to U.S Downhill Racing. Not even 4 years ago, Cody Warren loaned him a bike and within the same year he was competing in pro races. Shortly after, he took a top 10 at the Mt. Sainte Anne World Cup in true style with a goon air on the last jump showing everyone he is simply, the man.
Since then Gwin became the first American to win a World Cup since Shaun Palmer in 1999.
On Sunday, Aaron became the first male to ever win 5 World Cups in a season, something the G.O.A.T, Nicolas Vouilloz, had never even done with his 10 World Championships. Gwin also became the first American to ever win the World Cup overall.
With the closest to a perfect season in the history of Mountain Biking, Gwin is an obvious favorite leading in to the World Championships.
Cheers to Gwin…

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  1. Joe says:
    August 24, 2011 at 8:03 am

    Yeah Gwinny! Would I be in the wrong if I champagne showered him at Interbike and carried him around on my shoulders? Anywho, the best website evah!! http://www.eyehandy.com/

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